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  • The Brand - Rock My Wings

    At Rock My Wings, we unapologetically embrace a powerful attitude. We strongly believe in empowering our customers to boldly showcase their unique personality to the world. We wear our life stories with pride, expressed through our style, tattoos and jewelry. Every person has a story worth telling and our jewelry will help you proclaim it loud and clear.

    You are the ultimate rock star of your own life, and your undeniable boldness sets you apart. You take life head-on with unwavering confidence, never following fashion trends but boldly setting your own. Your style is a perfect blend of rebel and rock n’ roll spirit, and our jewelry collection is just as bold as you are. So, come on and embrace your true self with Rock My Wings - together, let's rock the world!

    the famous question

    Where did the name “Rock My Wings” come from? 

    I have 2 angel wing tattoos.... So, I combined my love for rock n’ roll with my tattoos and “Rock My Wings” was born.

    My Journey

    Let me share with you my journey into the world of jewelry. It all started when I inherited my grandmother’s jewelry, and I fell in love with the artistry of it. From there, I created my very first jewelry company! I’ve been so fortunate to see my designs featured on the covers of romance novels and in jewelry magazines. While I adore the vintage look, I found that it just didn't match my style. You see, I'm a rocker chick at heart - I love wearing black, combat boots and jeans - so I needed my jewelry to have a rocker edge.

    My jewelry journey has been full of twists and turns that brought me to where I am today. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that caused me to step away from jewelry making for a while. But eventually, I needed a creative outlet to take my mind off things and that led me to start Rock My Wings. At first, I was still focused on vintage-style jewelry, but then life threw me a major curveball in 2020. In early 2020, I went through a tough time that left me in a dark place and feeling disconnected from my life. But now, I've returned stronger than ever, creating bold and badass jewelry that speaks to who I am as a person and designer. My past struggles have shaped me and I can't help but wear my jewelry like a badge of honor—a reminder of how far I've come, as a person and a designer.

    Some jewelry you just wear and then there is Rock My Wings jewelry that redefines your fashion, captures everyone’s attention and helps you stand out in a crowd.