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Rock My Wings Lets You Express Who You Are To the World
Bold & Confident 


At Rock my Wings we have an attitude, and we own it! We are passionate about helping our customers express their bold and confident personalities to the world. Our life stories are narrated by our style, tattoos and jewelry. Rock My Wings jewelry will tell your story to the world, because we believe every story should be told.

You are the rock star of your own life. Your bold spirit is undeniable, and you take life head on confidently. Fashion trends aren’t something you follow, you set your own trends. Your style is a little rebel mixed with the spirit of rock n’ roll and your jewelry is as bold as you are.

Rock My Wings is the vision of Lisa Cavanas. 

I have always been a rebel, doing things my own way, instead of how I was told.  That’s how I ended up in the rock n’ roll jewelry industry. I am a self-taught jeweler, but that has never stopped me from achieving my goals. I love what I do, and I am in my element when I am in my studio designing or creating jewelry.  

I am a tequila drinking, jean and combat boot wearing gal.  A straight shooter, telling it like it is and always keeping it real.  My tattoos tell my life story and I wear them proudly. 

Where did the name “Rock My Wings” come from? 

I have 2 angel wing tattoos.... So, I combined my love for rock n’ roll with my tattoos and “Rock My Wings” was born.

My journey: 

My first love of jewelry was when I inherited my grandmother’s jewelry. This piqued my interest in jewelry designs and from there my first jewelry company was born. I have had the honor of having my designs published on romance novel and jewelry magazine covers. My Victorian/Vintage designs were well loved but, they rarely found myself wearing my own designs. I am a rocker chick at heart and lets face it my vintage style jewelry needed a modern edge to go with my black boots and jeans.

My jewelry path has not been a straight line, there have been many curves along the way, which led me to where I am today. In 2016 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, which led me to retire from jewelry making. After dealing with the disease for a couple years, I needed a way to take my mind off it. This was the start of Rock My Wings, but I still was designing vintage style jewelry. In early 2020 came the darkest time of my life, which led me into depression and a disconnect from my business. Over a year later, I decided to step out of the shadows and returned with a vengeance, designing badass jewelry with an attitude. My inner scars are healing, and I am rising above the asses, thanks to Rock My Wings. My new designs are true to me as a person and designer. Now I wear my jewelry everyday like amour to remind me of how far I have come from that dark place. 

Some jewelry you just wear and then there is Rock My Wings jewelry that redefines your fashion, captures everyone’s attention and helps you stand out in a crowd.